Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hair by Phil

Got my hair cut by the French. I took a picture with me so I could point to it when the hairdresser was asking me how I wanted it done (if I knew when he was asking me how I wanted it done). The hairdresser was the spitting image of Phil Jupitus.
Phil Jupitus asked me how I wanted it done. I pointed to the picture I had brought. Phil Jupitus looked at it disapprovingly and pointed to a picture of a man with an extreme haircut on the wall. I pointed back to my picture. Phil Jupitus paused for a moment as if weighing up his options and then pointed to the picture on the wall. I realised at that point that Phil Jupitus only does one hair cut. On my way back to the car I noticed other men who got their haircut by Phil Jupitus. 
Earlier in the week we stayed in a hotel by the sea. It was the same hotel that featured in the legendary french film La vacances de M. Hulot. Me neither. 

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