Monday, 1 June 2015


Rose says you can tell how long an expat has been in France by how far down they unbutton their shirt. A newbie like me will only unbutton to just above the chest region revealing a tantalising glimpse of hair, but presumably a veteran will continue unbuttoning as far as they can go. That's why the longer you stay in France, the more important it is to wear trousers with a zip fly.

Last night we played Boules. Like darts, boules is a game designed specifically so that you never have to put down your drink. The object of the game is to throw large metal balls at each other's feet. Rose won.

We went to Vichy today. Vichy is where Nazi's set up a puppet French government during their occupation in the Second World War. They make nice mints though so it's cool.

Everywhere you go there in Vichy there are Vichy mints. They attract tourists from miles around. The town of Extra Strong take note.

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