Monday, 22 June 2015

Féte de la Musique

I went to the village's annual Féte de la musique. Rose was back in London so I was on my own. I was blown away with the thing. Whereas similar events in Britain nowadays are solely concerned with generating maximum profit, the French, in a move that will strike British events organisers as utterly baffling, still put the emphasis on actually having a good time.

The Fete was free. The beer was cheap. You could see the stage. And this was the best bit - where as events in Britain tend to be segregated by age (a British teenager would sooner throttle themselves to death than attend a social gathering with their family), at the French fete everyone was there: teenagers, young children, parents and really, really old people in wheel chairs. Everyone was mixing together, chatting, having fun and dancing to what was one of the dirtiest, loudest heavy metal bands I have ever encountered. I shit you not. Don't get me wrong, this band were good. Not enough spandex and giant hair and 1980's rock for my particular tastes, but they were still good. But man were they heavy.

At one point the singer was singing a song that was specifically about her backside while a group of primary school children gleefully span each other round at the front of the stage. Every now and then the singer would hold her microphone out towards the crowd and the children would, as one, shout something back that could well have been 'ARSE'. It was fucking brilliant. If I had any criticism of the gig at all it's that I was the only one throwing glasses of urine at the stage*.


 In the UK it's more important that you're seen to like the right sort of music than to actually have fun. That metal band would never have got a gig like that in England. Over here they are open minded. It could have been happy hardcore and there'd still have been grannies dancing around in their wheel chairs. It's a much better way to be. I suppose what I am really trying to say is you should all give up your prejudices and embrace 1980's poodle rock. OK. Fine. It was worth a try.

*I didn't really.

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