Thursday, 18 June 2015

French language school 2

I have somehow marked myself out as the class weirdo. Today I accidentally announced that I sometimes wore lace and nobody seemed surprised.

I am also the worst french speaker in the class. Seeing the look of despair on those poor teenagers faces as I spend 20 minutes attempting to explain why I like pizza is heartbreaking. When the last person into the classroom realises the only empty seat is on my table they'll often let out an audible gasp. At least I'm improving their punctuality.

I'd imagine being in a french language class with me is as irritating as being trapped in a room with a man telling you a never ending run of misremembered jokes. Except I've been punctuating my attempts at french language with misremembered jokes so it's worse.

Tomorrow is our last day at french language school. I may be wrong but I think I saw them taking in a delivery of fireworks.


  1. Hey. Where do you have your franch classes in Auvergne cuz I m also intrested to learn some french.

  2. Hi Juliet, we studied at Cavilam in Vichy. Website is here:

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    1. Hi Murali. Thanks for the forensic critique of my blog. You say 'it is advised' to take French lessons in Chennai. Can I ask who it is advised by? Personally I would advise against it. Chennai is fucking miles away. However, if you agree to pay my boat fare (I travel exclusively on cruise ships) I will agree to this squalid little experiment of yours.

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