Friday, 12 June 2015

House hunting in France

Our estate agent was called Luc. He kidnapped us at 11am and released us around about 5pm after showing us 9 properties across an area the size of Wales. I have nightmares about trying to keep up with his silver Citroen van as it careered across roundabouts, scattering children and terrified pensioners, while he sporadically pointed out of his window with one hand and ate a baguette with the other. I couldn't tell you what he was pointing at as we were traveling at the speed of sound. I couldn't tell you what he was steering the car with either. Sheer desire maybe. What you've got to remember about French estate agents is they are house showing machines. At one point he began showing us houses that weren't even for sale. I thought at this moment that his head was going to start spinning round before exploding, a stream of business cards spraying into the air from his neck.

When do we move in?

Whilst driving round France we have become addicted to a French radio station called Nostalgie. It plays a mix of old English classics and old French class... songs. However it is not possible to receive it in all parts of France so we are targeting our house buying areas on where Nostalgie reception is impeccable.

Most of the houses we saw were shit, but one had a turret and an island so Luc didn't have a complete shocker.

Luc insisted 28 times that we should make a list of the factors that are most important to us when looking for houses. My list looks like this:

Radio Nostalgie.
Proximity to giant baguette machine.


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  2. Your story made me smile and brought back some memories of good and bad experiences I've had when house-hunting. It sounds like a great idea to see as many houses as you can in one day but after a while, they all blur together and you can end up with a list of things you remember liking just like yours!