Monday, 8 June 2015


I think we may have to move house. When we first arrived the house was generously supporting two ants nests and 4,000 spiders. After a couple of days of hoovercide we had just about rid ourselves of the ants and spiders and I felt like Rose was coming round to staying in the house for the three months. Then France's most venomous snake staged an occupation on our terrace. We are back from 5 days in Provence and we can hear something living in the roof. Your first thought when you hear something living in the roof is 'rats'. However, judging from the noise it's making up there, my current thoughts are 'minotaur'.

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  1. Tom: we are just back from the South of France. I packed my exercise kit. Took up half my baggage and had to pay to get it on Sleezy Jet. Day one power walk. Day two run. Day three nearly stepped on a snake (as long as me and fat - according to Olivia the size of a pencil. Pencils can be terrifying). Next day cycling.. nearly went over an anaconda - this was a bity one. No more running after that! Keep up the blog - it's fantastic. Juliette