Monday, 21 December 2015

Oysters, Lobsters, urine everywhere and 20 litres of wine

The house is awash with urine. We have recently acquired two puppies. I'm hoping the two events are linked.

I hadn't planned on getting a puppy, but when Rose went to pick hers up I noticed a tubby little loner who was only interested in food and drink and I had an immediate affinity, so we took him as well. He's called Umberto the Great. Bert for short. Currently he's chewing our coffee table. I might have a crack at it too.

Christmas in France is different to the UK. They tend to celebrate on Christmas eve, and the tradition is to have lots of expensive food like lobster and oysters. We, on the other hand, eat what is pound for pound the cheapest meat in the super market. We can learn from the French.

In order not to upset the French I will celebrate both on Christmas eve and on Christmas day. In fact I will start celebrating now by eating a box of Ferrero Rocher for brunch.

Some friends of mine took me to a wine producer who sells 10 litre boxes of wine. I bought two. They are supposed to be for Christmas but I suppose I'd better taste a few litres to make sure it's ok.